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Beneficiary Rural Church


Wamaso Church of Christ was established in the year 2006 with four members by a Rural Evangelism team in Wassa Ateiku. The Church is located in a rural community called Twifo Wamaso in the Twifo –Ati Morkwaa in the Central Region.

My name is Preacher Stephen Aidoo, I have been preaching here since November 2008. I took over when the church had only nine members but by the grace of God our current memberships is 53; consisting 31 adults, 7 youth and 15 children. Our weekly current average giving is 65 cedis.

All along I was preaching without receiving any financial support because of the weak financial strength of the church. Thankfully in 2016, I applied to Rescue Ghana Mission and they accepted to support me. I have been receiving monthly support from Rescue Ghana Mission since then and this been a great blessing to me and my family till now. I feel very motivated to work hard in my ministry as a preacher.

I wish to express my appreciation to all those send their financial contributions through RGM so that preachers like me who are struggling in the poor communities are supported. There are more rural preaches who need support and so I will further appeal to sister congregations in the cities to support the RGM initiative. May God richly bless you all.