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Rescue Ghana Mission (RGM) was born out of the hallowing stories of Church of Christ preachers working in very remote and deprived communities in Ghana. Several of the rural churches were either established by an individual, a group or by a congregation. Sadly, these rural churches have been left to their fate with no support.

The poor socio-economic conditions in rural communities and the lack of sustainable support from urban churches make it difficult for rural churches to grow. The challenges of rural churches and for that matter the preachers who head these rural churches are real and numerous.  The reality is that most rural preachers find it difficult to meet basic necessities of life; most of them cannot support their families and their children’s education. They retire in abject poverty and die miserably.

“In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel”. – 1 Corinthians 9:14

It is against this backdrop that Rescue Ghana Mission was formed under the oversight of the Elders of Osu Church of Christ in Accra, Ghana with the overall objective of creating a sustainable funds to reach out to these hardworking rural preachers who genuinely need assistance.

RGM seeks among others to bring together benevolent hearted individuals and congregations of the Churches of Christ to provide relief for rural churches and preachers. 

RGM commenced operations in July 2016, RGM and has since extended financial and material support to about 60 beneficiary preachers. Every month, RGM disburses over GHC 8000.00 (approx. $1400) in a form of top-up allowance to beneficiary preachers. The favor of God has been upon this initiative all through and we have never defaulted payment to these preachers in spite of all the challenges the Ministry has faced.