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Beneficiary Rural Church

Sumbrungo church of Christ

Sumbrungo church of Christ is located at Sumbrungo, a small town near Bolgatanga in the upper east region of Ghana. It was established in the year 2000 by a preacher popularly known as Mr. Williams Nsoh with twelve (12) members, four (4) men, six (6) women, and two (2) children. In the year 2011, there was a problem between Nsoh and the white men who were supporting him.

In the meantime, Mr. Williams left the church to collapse. Mr. Awintoya Jacob, a member by then took it upon himself and went to Tamale Church of Christ Bible College. After school, he revived the church, and currently, he (Awintoya Jacob) is our preacher.

Our current total membership is seventy-four (74), twenty-two (22) being men, thirty (30) women, and twenty (20) children. Our highest giving ever recorded is between forty-five cedis (GHC45) and fifty cedis (GHC50).

We appreciate the support our preacher receives from the Rescue Ghana Mission on a monthly basis.

It has been helpful to him because, without it, things would have been very difficult. Our preacher dressing changed when RGM started supporting him therefore the church of Christ in Sumbrungu owe RGM donors nothing but prayers, that God almighty should let this support last forever and ever to help rural churches like ours in Jesus name.

We would like to thank the management of Rescue Ghana Mission for such an initiative and more especially to all who donate in cash and kind to support rural preachers. God bless you.

On the contrary, our preacher has started a school with the aim of educating the children of the church and providing jobs for the members but there is no support hence we beseech brethren in the Lord to support him.

Thank you. God bless you.