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Beneficiary Rural Church

Kuka Church of Christ

The Kuka Church of Christ is in the Upper East region in the Bawku district. It was established in January 2010 with about 40 baptized members. Now the population is about 135 baptized members.

It is good to note that the church was initially a denominational church by name Living Waters Chapel international Church established in 1999 led by Pastor Jacob Nichema.

In late 2009 after getting to know the true church, I, Jacob Nichema and my congregants converted to church of Christ for which reason I was arrested with my family by the founders of Living Waters Chapel international church for converting the congregation to church of Christ.

Since 2010 the church has been battling with a lot of problems. The worst problem the church has faced was the collapse of the church building due to a heavy down pour in 2018.  We now worship in a classroom.

On behalf of the church and myself, we want to thank Rescue Mission Ghana (RGM) team for their tremendous support for rural preachers for which I am a beneficiary.

Before this support from RGM, I used to face a lot of financial challenges; though, not out of the woods, but I can say it is far better than before. I hardly get support from the church that I preach because our weekly giving on Sundays is less than fifty Ghana cedis (GHc50). With this the church is unable to meet its needs and to even think about supporting the preacher.

It was a big relief when RGM added me to their beneficiary preachers; I was so excited.

I want to thank those donating to RGM so much. I pray that God will richly bless them abundantly for caring about rural preachers. It is also my prayers that they will continue to support us to keep our hope alive. I know that many more rural preachers who desperately need support and that is why I will encourage the churches of Christ and brethren to support the Rescue Ghana Mission program to extend support to more of our rural preachers.